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YOGA-Yoga means Union. It is a Sanskrit word. It is a combination of breathing tech., exercise, and mediation. It is more than 5000 years old way to keep a person physically and mentally fit. Billions of people have been benefitted by this. Looking into the benefit, International Yoga Day is being observed on 21st JUNE every year for awareness purpose. Fit body and Calm mind is key to Happiness.

DIET-We all have different eating habits which may/may not be suitable for our physical and mental fitness. To keep our self-fit and fine, we need the proper and selective intake of nutrition to meet the requirement. Obesity and other lifestyle diseases can be cured/controlled by having right Diet.

So, we are providing a unique solution for you and your family to be healthy and energetic. You will not only provided Easy Diet Plans but some yoga tips also by our expert team. The best part is, it is simple and practical so that you get maximum results with minimum changes. 

Gift yourself a Healthy Life Style and enjoy Pure N Sure Positivity within you.
Our Plans start @5999/- for three months per person.
@19,999/- for three months for four persons.
(Above rates are for INDIA & NEPAL and valid up to 31st JAN'18 )
Outside India-
Plan start @$99/- for three months per person.
@$299/-  for three months for four persons.
(Above rates are for outside INDIA and valid up to 31st JAN'18)

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